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On this show, foreign policy nerds break down the biggest global headlines and give listeners an inside look at the broader impacts of global events on politics, economics, and security. Your hosts are graduates of the Elliott School of International Affairs and avid followers of current international trends and policies, and they will guide you through some of the most pressing topics facing the international system today. The show is accessible for someone with little to no knowledge of international affairs, while still providing a thought-provoking experience for those with a background in the field.

Listeners can expect episodes to be composed of three key segments: information on the subject at hand, analysis of that information, and a forecast of what it all means for your average person. If you are interested in becoming informed about geopolitics and international affairs, or if you already know about the subject but want to delve deeper and create a discussion, take a listen to Geopolitics Rundown: A Walkthrough of Foreign Affairs.

Oct 10, 2020

Welcome to the new Geopolitics Rundown! We are back after our brief hiatus with a new, unscripted format and some new topics to discuss. Today's topic: The recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan which has killed hundreds and re-ignited a fight over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. We're going to walk you through where this conflict is, who is involved, and why it could have serious implications for Russia, Turkey, and the future of NATO.

*NOTE: This episode was recorded before the announced Russia-brokered ceasefire. However, the same concepts stated in the episode still apply.

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